Today I’m delighted to share another fabulous small business who could make all the difference on your wedding day. It is called ‘Port Out Starboard Home’ and they produce gorgeous bridal accessories and jewellery from Vintage pieces. We all know how I love a bit of vintage jewellery so I asked Jill to tell us more ….

Port Out Starboard Home

Unique, Bespoke, Bridal hair accessories from vintage components

We are Jill and Georgie: a mother and daughter team who appreciate importance of having everything just right for weddings and special occasions and all of the finest quality. We have wide experience and expertise in making jewellery, product design and dress making.

We are passionate about beautiful, handcrafted jewellery and particularly enjoy using recycled and vintage items in our hair accessories. We love vintage jewellery, the rhinestone, paste and pearl pieces have an amazing lustre, sparkle and luxurious feel. Our glamorous hair accessories incorporate vintage items such as brooches earrings and necklaces and are carefully made to be timeless and classic heirlooms of the future. Our extensive collection includes one off creations for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls. We also have a collection suitable for special occasions, which would be ideal for mothers of the bride or female guests requiring something special and different. We offer a bespoke service and are delighted to design and make to order, perhaps using a sentimental family piece.

Our inspiration comes from the vintage pieces we find in England, France, Germany and Austria, where we have family connections and from studying historical hair accessories, jewellery and fashion. We are always searching for special pieces we feel will make a beautiful and unique headband or comb. We often incorporate raw silk, brocade, satin, vintage lace and feathers in our designs.

We were inspired to launch Port Out Starboard Home (P-O-S-H) after Georgie’s wedding. We had an idea of the special hair accessories we wanted for that occasion, but found that the choice was very limited or very expensive. Being on a very tight budget, Georgie decided to design and make her own headband from items in granny’s jewellery box.

The headband was a huge success and the business idea was born. We started in a very small way as we both had full time jobs, but when Jill took early retirement in July 2011, it seemed an ideal opportunity to launch our business. P-O-S-H has blossomed from there and we have been busy making special items for weddings, balls, proms and other special occasions since our official launch in September 2011.

People often ask how we got our name! We thought long and hard about our name and wanted something unique to convey times gone by when well-to-do people would dress beautifully in hats and gloves and spend their time cruising on luxury liners and visiting ports of the world. We believe our unique and glamorous accessories are perfectly suited to this wonderful lifestyle and era.

We were reminded of P-O-S-H (Port Out Starboard Home) which was coined in the days before Air-conditioning. On the outward voyage to India, the cabins on the Port side got the early morning sun and had the rest of the day to cool off. Conversely, the Starboard cabins were intensely hot in the afternoon and like ovens at bed time. On the homeward journey the situation was reversed and it was the unfortunate passengers on the Port side who roasted. VIPs travelling were given preference of the cooler side of the ship in each direction and were given cabins which were Port –Out-Starboard-Home. Their tickets and baggage were marked POSH! We felt this name conveyed the First Class VIP image we would like to portray with our collections, and so that is how we came up with our name!

As you would expect from a responsible company, we take care to ensure we minimise the impact on the environment .We use recycled jewellery and metals in our products wherever possible and are proud that all of our packaging and stationery is recycled paper and card.

Please visit our website to view the range of hair accessories available. If you would like to chat about any of the collection or discuss your ideas for a unique hair accessory please contact us by telephone or email to arrange a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jill and Georgie

Contact details:-

T: 07703544345

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