I love it when I find a lovely supplier who creates beautiful pieces for all you lovely couples out there getting married. Especially if they are a small business like myself who gives that really personal touch.

I came across the lovely Rachel who is the designer behind Penny Brown http://www.etsy.com/shop/PennyBrownBridal?ref=ss_profile on Twitter recently and immediately fell in love with the hair accessories she produces for Brides to be! So I asked her along to the blog to share her story and what she does ….

“My name is Rachel, I’m originally a Derbyshire girl but I’m in Manchester studying Business Enterprise at Uni. It’s me in the photos if you’d like to put a name to a fringe 🙂 I’ve always had a huge love for anything crafty – As soon as I discovered old millinery techniques to make flowers from silk I knew I had found my path and headed off to Manchester to learn about the boring bits in order to make sure I could do what I loved for a career.

I started Penny Brown just recently at the start of November 2012 – Although I’ve been designing products and developing my millinery skills over the past few years- my little etsy site is very organic! I’m so excited to make more and more pieces.

The name is inspired by my favourite poem by William B. Yeats. It’s playfully alluring and really embodies the whimsy I want Penny Brown to represent and the charm in my pieces.

I WHISPERED, “I am too young,”
And then, “I am old enough;”
Wherefore I threw a penny
To find out if I might love.
“Go and love, go and love, young man,
If the lady be young and fair.”
Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,
I am looped in the loops of her hair.
O love is the crooked thing,
There is nobody wise enough
To find out all that is in it,
For he would be thinking of love.
Till the stars had run away
And the shadows eaten the moon.
Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,
One cannot begin it too soon. – William B. Yeats

Lovely isn’t it? 🙂

My flower crowns are made from all silk and cotton lace, hand dyed sewn and assembled by me – There’s a lot of skill, time and love that goes into each piece and I really hope it shows!”