This week I’ve been thinking a lot about modern and geometric patterns for weddings. Mainly because I’ve been sourcing some wallpapers to create a backdrop for my stand at Brides The Show at Westpoint arena in Exeter next month. The paper I’ve ended up going for is a subtle geometric pattern which I think will be a suitable backdrop to the bright colours and florals of lots of my stationery ranges, but will also fit in with some of the more modern prints I have in my collections as well as work really well with my new Luxe Collection.

It got me thinking a lot about how modern weddings can look really clean and graphic without using traditional floral or lace patterns which, lets face it, are not for everybody!

So I’ve been scouring the internet for lots of inspiration to share with you all which will show you how to incorporate geometric patterns in to your own wedding.

Geometric wedding cakes are the obvious place to start as there are lots of wedding cake designers out there doing something more modern with the wedding cake …

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Geometric backdrops are also a great way to incorporate this trend into your wedding … and relatively easy to do yourself if you have the time, or with the help of a wedding stylist if you are a little less crafty or time short …

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I also really love terraniums at the moment and hanging terraniums or geometric shapes above or on your tables can look amazing – especially when combined with metallics.

geometric patterns terrarium decoration

I hope that gives you lots of ideas if you are planning a wedding with a bit more of a modern feel. This look can look particularly amazing in modern warehouse spaces or really contemporary hotels … but I definitely wouldn’t rule out using it as a total contrast in a rustic barn or tipi! Just have fun and use plenty of colour!

Nikki x