Gosh I can’t believe we have now been planning our own wedding for over a month now … we seem to have got so much sorted already, but I guess the big things need to be sorted fairly quickly if you want to secure the suppliers you really want. Last week we started looking at bands and entertainment and have also seriously started looking at catering and wedding food for our evening reception. We both love the idea of something fun and light hearted and a bit different from the traditional evening ‘buffet’ so of course I jumped straight on to Pinterest for some ideas! https://uk.pinterest.com/knotsandkisses/wedding-food/

There are so many options that are an alternative to the traditional buffet … the big trends at the moment being street food style catering vans or ‘food stations’ – a help yourself option with a little more style than your traditional buffet. Food stations give guests the chance to graze from one food station to another – picking bits and pieces as they wish to eat rather than having a specific time where everyone ends up standing in a horrid long queue waiting for food. Street food style catering vans also offer the same sort of ease and relaxed feel … although there is the possibility of a slight queue at times you can definitely spread the serving time over a longer period so guests can have food when they want rather than a specified half hour rush.

One of my favourite ideas at the moment are mezze or antipasti platters in a meditteranean style – perfect served on olive wood tables and boards for a grazing feel. Pizzas also look great spread out on a rustic table as an alternative.

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Sticking with the meditternaean feel Paella’s are also a fantastic option for wedding food. Cooked up in big pans in advance this is a quick and easy option for guests and can easily accommodate vegetarian and gluten intolerant guests.

wedding food paella wp1680dd78_06

I’m a sucker for just a great wedge of bread and a selection of some really good smelly cheeses! So how about setting up a bread and cheese station for guests to help themselves to …

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I also love the idea of making things a little more interactive for guests … a build your own burger bar sounds like a fun alternative to a buffet! Or what about a fish and chips van with a selection of side like beans, mushy peas, tartar sauce or gravy ( Chips and Gravy can’t be just a Midlands thing surely!?? )

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There are also lots of options for sweet treats for your guests … I’m loving the idea of a popcorn bar … or what about asking your guests to go all Bake Off and bring a dessert or cake with them for a little bake off competition for you to judge.

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And who doesn’t love fruit pies!


I hope that gives you lots of ideas for your evening reception … I personally don’t know how me and Anthony are going to choose!

Nikki x