Its part 3 of my 4 part series of posts on what flowers are in season for your wedding today.
Today I’m looking at Autumn flowers … which is great timing as you may well be planning your Autumn wedding now .. I know I’ve had several stationery enquiries for Autumnal wedding stationery over the last couple of weeks.
I love Autumn colours – burgundys, plums, rusts, browns and dark greens are so evocative and cosy looking and these colours can also be incorporated in to your flowers.
Below are my favourites of the flowers which are in season for Autumn but obviously check with your florist as they will have many more options.

Dahlias are as wonderful for the autumn as they are for summer coming in some beautiful deep burgundy and russet colours. I like ‘overflowing’ bouquets for Autumn and these are perfect.

Autumnal Dahlia wedding bouquet



Perfect to add a really seasonal touch to your bouquet or arrangements – I especially love blackberries in bouquets.

rebekah J Murray Photography

credit : Rebekah J Murray Photography

Autumnal berries wedding bouquet

A pop of red at an Autumn wedding is always lovely and poppies are perfect for this.

Spindle Photography

Spindle Photography

Hands up I’ve never been a big fan of sunflowers .. a bit too brash somehow. But recently I’m changing my opinion … done in an unstructured wild flower way I’ve seen wedding bouquets with sunflowers which have looked absolutely beautiful. Its a definite end of summer harvest feel that I can really imagine in a barn wedding with lots of haybales and local cider!

Sunflowers wedding bouquet

Melissa McCrotty Photography via