Hi all! I hope you’re all enjoying the posts every Wednesday from my Guest Blogger Lauren.
Lauren is a wedding planner and wedding hair specialist who runs Lady Amy Design .. you can click on the link on the right hand side of this blog to have a look at her website.
I personally am loving all the blogs so far! Its great to get view points and styling ideas from a wedding planner … I especially loved the peaches & cream styling post, and ideas for a rainy wedding.
Anyway I’ll hand back over to Lauren for this weeks post …..

Good morning! How are you all? I hope you have all had an awesome week / weekend? and a Huge Huge congratulations to those couples who tied the knot. I wish you the very best of luck in your future together..lots of love and happy thoughts going out to you all.

This week on the Knots and Kisses blog I am going to share with you my most recent finds and inspiration. Feel free to pop over to my blog, http://ladyamyweddings.blogspot.com/p/ladyamys-story.html to follow my wedding rambles and keep up to date with the Weddings I am planning and all the latest wedding goss 😉

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Bringing Cultures Together.. Inspired by Marie Claire Magazine’s Fashion section, World Party! Whilst doing a little research and reading some magazines, I across a lovely vibrant and colourful piece on a gorgeous selection of clothes, patterns and natural materials.. Which deeply inspired this weeks blog post.
So when I got home I did loads of research into Wedding Inspiration, using natural materials and bringing cultures from all around the world together.

I love to travel and go abroad on holiday, visiting new places and dipping my toe into other cultures. Trying new foods and ways of life. It fascinates me how we are all so different. We eat differently, dress differently, speak differently and have very different interests, yet we have all adapted to our surroundings.


How uber gorgeous and sexy is this picture. The golden tones and rustic charm glows beauty.. a simply stunning safari inspired look http://www.polyvore.com/safari-inspired_wedding_dresses_brides/thing?id=23482440

How awesome are these accessories and wedding details? Very simple to create and extremely effective. I recommend Knots and Kisses for all wedding stationery. Nikki is fabulous.

Gorgeous – take a peek at this wedding http://www.beau-coup.com/blog/news/jungle-safari-wedding-theme



How gorgeous is this Jenny Packham dress? http://www.jennypackham.com/ I am a huge fan of hers anyway and adore this style. The details and embellishment around the neckline is so pretty and really creates that traditional Kenyan jewellery look. Its the perfect choice for a summers wedding dress, light weight, floaty through the bottom and slightly more fitted in the waist area, allowing a bride to really show off her curves and feel girly, just lovely!



I hope you have liked this weeks colourful creative post. Its such a fab idea to include in your wedding a mixture of cultures, maybe from all the wonderful places you may have visited and holidays / traveled together before the big day. You may have somewhere special to you as a couple, like where you got engaged or your first trip away together.

Bring some culture and colour to your big day and look further afield for inspiration..

All the best