There’s definitely a feeling at the moment, especially with the current economic situation, that couples are trying to save as much money as possible and not have too lavish a wedding .. and rightly so! Who wants to enter into married life with a huge debt.
I see more and more couples avoiding the large lavish weddings and receptions at big stately homes and hotels and instead opting for more low key affairs in smaller venues such as farms, barns and village halls.
Whilst these venues are fantastic value for money they do tend to offer more of a blank canvas for your wedding venue and need a bit more vision and decorations to make them come alive.
I personally think this is a great thing … it gives you a real opportunity to stamp your own personalities and wedding style on a venue.

On that note I’ve searched for a few fantastic ideas on how to dress your ‘blank canvas venue’ to make it come and alive, and whether you take these ideas as inspiration to DIY your own, or buy or hire them from the suppliers … you will still probably keep the costs of your wedding down by opting for one of these venues.

Paper Pom Poms and Lanterns.

Great for hanging en masse from beams and ceilings these will really brighten up your venue and, especially if you have a venue with high ceilings, give the illusion of the venue being a more intimate space which is decorated throughout. Mix pom poms and lanterns for a fun look or go purely for lots of white pom poms to create a sophisticated atmosphere. There are lots of tutorials on line as to how to make pom poms if you have the time and energy .. or you can buy them quite cheaply from lots of suppliers.

I can’t believe I’m saying this as I’m about as anti a balloon person as your likely to meet! However I’m not talking the old fashioned balloon arches and ‘glitter inside balloon’ table arrangements you used to get at weddings. (Probably still do at some and I apologise if this is your idea of dream wedding decor .. its just not mine I’m afraid!).
New style Balloon wedding decor is massive balloons en masse to create a bit of a fun feel.
At the photoshoot I provided stationery for last year balloons were used to great effect and in a modern way to create a fun corner at a venue …

 Or try this beautiful sleek modern look over your dessert or cake table …

An old favourite now but still fantastic for creating a garden party or village fete style for your wedding.
The trick with bunting is to not hang sparingly … you really do have to go for it to have a big style impact!

Florals don’t have to be big traditional arrangements or ‘swags’ across the fronts of your tables. Apply a bit of imagination with your floral arrangements and you can create massive impact!

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