Its no secret that I adore fresh flowers … I have always have a jug of fresh flowers on my dining room table, as just passing them every day makes me smile.
So, for me … although I know there are lots of fab alternatives! … a wedding just wouldn’t be right without flowers.

Which brings me onto an emerging trend I’m seeing for beautiful English wildflower style bouquets and arrangements, which are very much in season … so much so you go to the garden to choose them!
I’ve recently discovered The Garden Gate Flower Company for example … based in Fowey, Cornwall  … The flowers they grow in their organic cutting garden are those which thrive in Cornwall. The changing nature of their bouquets reflect the changing seasons reminiscent of Cornwall’s famous gardens and hedgerows. . This is just one example but I’ve heard of a few companies like this around the country who work in this way.

Its pretty well known that most florists can get pretty much most flowers all year round if they choose to import them from abroad and pick them up at the flower markets …. I know several florists who don’t do this by the way but several who do.
Perhaps I’m being idealistic but I would love to see people go back to buying flowers in season, in the same way as we are seeing a return to buying our food in season.
I myself adore Peonies .. I would love to have peonies on my dining room table all year round! However I know that Peony season is short and so I restrict myself to having them for the months I can get them.

my favourite peonies! image from

Now I am by no means a flower expert! I don’t know hardly any flowers actual names by sight … but would love to see what couples getting married and professional florists think about this whole issue. Perhaps there are more florists than I realise out there that are already doing this .. it would be great to hear from you.
All I know is that I’ve been told by a couple of florists when I’m after a specific look of flower that they can pretty much get hold of anything for me .. just from abroad.

It would be interesting to hear what you all think .. ok … Discuss! 🙂