Ok so I’m a sucker for anything cake related! I love baking them and I really really love eating them! Honestly how I’m going to stay this size for my wedding when I have pictures of gorgeous wedding cakes to tempt me is anyone’s guess! So anyway I really love it when a new cake trend comes along to tempt me even further and at the moment its seems all about drip wedding cakes. My instagram feed is swamped by these colourful quirky creations and I’m in love! They are so up my street .. colourful, often floral, and really fun and untraditional. Usually a single tier but sometimes over 2 or 3 .. I’ve even seen drip versions of ‘naked cakes’ so two wonderful cake trends for the price of one! (You can tell I’m excited about these cakes as I’ve gone overboard on the exclamation marks again.)

So today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites that I’ve discovered on the internet. There are some amazing bakery’s out there – I particularly love Katherine Sabbath and Cakes by Cliff who are based in Sydney. If you are after a cake in the UK though I would definitely recommend a trip to the amazing Anges de Sucre http://www.angesdesucre.com/ .. Reshmi’s creations are out of this world and often covered in gorgeous Marshmallow and Macarons!


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KATHERINE SABBATH m_Wedding_Cake_with_macarons_grande