Ok here goes … I don’t normally post discussion topics on the blog. I’m much more about providing lots of inspiration and gorgeous wedding imagery for you to be inspired by!
But I’ve been thinking now for a few days about this and I really wanted to see what everyone else thought.

This week the voting started for the Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards. As a stationery designer I would love to be nominated for an award. It would really make me feel like all the hard work had been worth it and I’m not going to lie an award nomination would probably really improve business!
So I put a couple of messages on twitter about the voting and a link to the address. I also put a message on facebook and I emailed all my past clients to ask them if they would consider voting for me.
But as far as I was concerned this was where it stopped.
Something in my conscious really feels that badgering too many times for people to vote for me is wrong .. and too be honest do I really want to win an award when people have voted for me because I’ve been on a massive marketing campaign and not because they love my work?

Then the emails and messages started. Since the voting began I have received several emails and twitter messages from people in the industry who I firmly respect and love their work, asking me for their vote. I am neither their client or have ever worked with them directly but I do think they’re great.
These people are obviously on a big campaign in order to secure as many votes as possible … and, honestly, part of me can’t blame them! Part of me thinks why shouldn’t I be trying my hardest to get as many votes as possible to secure the sort of publicity for the business that this would bring.

So what do I do?

I’ve been left feeling completely torn on this subject and would really love to see if anyone else has any views on it.

Nikki x