Today I welcome the lovely Victoria, from Queens & Bowl , who has written a guest post for me all about the trend towards the 1920s in weddings. If anyone else, like me, is desperate to see the new Great Gatsby movie then this one’s for you! If after reading this post you would love to create a 1920s themed wedding for yourself I have a couple of stationery ranges which fit in really well, including my bejewelled range below ( …

Creating 1920’s Old Hollywood Style

The fabulous roaring twenties, where would we be without that dapper gent and flapper girl style?

The decade that welcomed The Great Gatsby, the jazz age and the original Hollywood icons with open arms and tantalised us with style go glorious we’re recreating that look quicker than you can say ‘boat hat’.

With the 1920’s signifying one of the most vibrant, opulent and glamorous eras, many couples find a vintage themed wedding carefully straddles the line between pure luxury, quirky style and allows them the freedom to make that old Hollywood look their own.

Trying to capture that perfect vintage theme can sound tricky, but it’s really quite simple, promise! The 1920’s was defined by fun and freedom and you can let your imagination run riot, just as the 1920’s woman broke out of the corset, you can break out of the mould, there’s room for creativity in the 1920s!

So where do you start?

Adding a few art deco touches to your day is a fail safe way to capture vintage elegance and with so many gorgeous bridal accessories available, you can make the look work for you. While the bride will no doubt have hours of fun draping herself with pearls and headpieces, the vintage groom is often less catered for. A travesty, no? Getting the grooms men in shopping mode can be challenging enough without the prospect of shopping for style from times bygone…

So in the quest for timeless elegance, here’s a few of my ultimate vintage style tips, minimal effort pieces with maximum old Hollywood glamour.

The Vintage Bride

Whether you have opted for a flapper style gown that oozes 20’s style, or gone for a more modern design, the guaranteed stamp of vintage style will show in your shoes and headpiece. Layering pearls and crystal jewellery screams old Hollywood icon, but adding some art deco accessories will really steal the show.

Vintage style allows for flexibility in your wedding shoes but I just can’t get enough of these Rachel Simpson ‘Emily’ fan detail round toes. From the T bar strap to the two toned white and gold, these capture art deco design perfectly.

Image Credit:

A tiara is a staple bridal piece for most women on their big day and adding that vintage touch through a beautiful jewelled headpiece or side tiara will instantly give your ensemble vintage glamour. Finishing your bridal hair with an ostrich feather piece will also create that Gatsby look.

Tiffany Feather Side Tiara by Ivory & Co.

The Vintage Groom

One of the fantastic things about being a vintage groom is the fact that a beautifully cut black suit is timeless. Therefore if you want to opt for a modern tailored suit, the look will still be perfectly vintage with just a few style additions.

During the 1920’s it was common for gentlemen to wear shirts with a detachable collar and cuff to preserve the main body of the shirt. Therefore opting for a shirt a different colour from the collar and cuffs is as authentic as it is stylish. A tin pin is also effortlessly vintage and as bow ties were popular evening wear, the choice of tie or bow is entirely up to you.

The choice of a short suit jacket or tail coat are equally both authentic, in the early 20’s tail coats were popular but became seen as more old fashioned in the late 20’s, either way, both a viable option.

The groom’s shoes can be simple, smart and leather but for that show stopping vintage style, a pair of two tone leather brogues in a bold and neutral colour would be stunning.

I hope navigating the world of vintage style is now a little simpler with a few of my fail safe hints! Have you seen the Knots and Kisses gorgeous ‘Vintage Travel’ and ‘Vintage Cameo’ range by the way? Absolutely perfect for a stunning vintage inspired wedding! (Thanks Victoria!)

Victoria is writing on behalf of Queens and Bowl, an online vintage wedding accessories boutique specialising in shoes, jewellery, tiaras and cover ups.