Its been a busy weekend at Knots & Kisses and gearing up to be an even busier week with two huge reception stationery orders to create and get out to lovely couples in time for their big day. They are also two totally different styles which is nice … one a vintage floral and rustic twine look, and the other a striking black and ivory Art Deco theme. I’ll hopefully be able to show you all the pictures in July once the clients have got married 🙂
On to today and I want to share with you an amazing concept for styling your wedding which was introduced to me by Helen Ruff of the lovely .
They have recently introduced a ‘Styled Living Room Set’ which is available to hire from them for your wedding!
The 1970s living room will be transported and completely set up at your venue. A great chillout area and perfect backdrop for photos. The set includes furniture and authentic props such as drinks cabinet, fake fruit, kitsch ornaments, retro jigsaw, old magazines, plants etc.

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I personally am absolutely in love with this idea. I don’t think enough weddings have a separate area guests can escape to or chill out in during the day or evening 🙂