So last week I finally got round to sorting through all the photos we took whilst on our trip to Morocco over Christmas and New Year! What with the usual rush of wedding stationery orders and starting to organise out own wedding I can’t believe it has taken me this long! But finally I went through them and I have to say I was pretty damn pleased with the results! Obviously there are a few usual ‘holiday snaps’ of us and the tour group we were on messing about or in front of impressive touristy things – but what I was really pleased with was the photos I took which captured the feeling of space and most importantly texture and colour I got from visiting Morocco.

Kasbahs and Tagines Morocco Colourful Scarves Morocco kasbah

As I mentioned before Christmas colour is one of the most important things in my life so to be immersed in the sights and sounds of Morocco where everything is so vibrant and alive was amazing. Every corner I turned there was a new pattern to be inspired by, a row of brightly coloured scarves against a perfectly terracotta wall, or a stand of tagines stood out perfectly on a roadside against an amazingly blue sky. I am of course not the greatest photographer! But hopefully I managed to capture some of the startling contrasts in colour and shape that I experienced.

posts and colour morocco

colour in Morocco

kasbah morocco

One of the things I really loved was the contrasts. From the dusty sandstone and terracotta against the blue sky in the Sahara and High Atlas, we then experienced the cool ornate tiles and lush courtyard gardens and pools of Marrakech.

courtyard garden

tagines morocco

tiled ceiling Morocco

Of course I have to include a couple of holiday snaps of the two of us and the amazing tour group we were with … a fantastic bunch of people from all around the world who made the whole experience one of lots of fun. Travelling can sometimes be an insular experience so it was great to see these new sights and sounds through the eyes of the group around us – and its always good to have someone else around to take a picture and go on a ‘beer run’! ( Not easy when its a national holiday in Morocco! )

It was of course also wonderful to have some new found friends to share in the celebration of our engagement.

our tour group Morocco us in morocco

I would go back to Morocco in a heartbeat – and hopefully I will take some of the inspirations and love of colour through into some of my design work in the coming year.

Nikki x