Although I’m usually all about the colour and fun when it comes to weddings I do also love the classic simplicity that comes from sometimes creating a scheme which concentrates on the foliage rather than the flowers. Crisp white linen and some well placed ‘greenery’ can be a stunning and very cost effective way of decorating your wedding. One of my favourite types of foliage is eucalyptus which has such a beautiful shape and silvery green look and gives a very classic look to a wedding. It looks amazing when used in loose style bouquets as the background foliage but can equally look stunning on its own. I personally think it gives a very classic Mediterranean look to a wedding

Here are some of my favourite ideas on how to use Eucalyptus at a wedding …

Sprigs of foliage on plates as part of your place setting always create a finished dressed look to a table – keep it simple here with a white plate and simple tag.

eucalyptus wedding plate layout

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A simple bouquet can be created using just eucalyptus …

simple eucalyptus wedding bouquet

image by CKB Photography from

eucalyptus wedding headdress

I love this rustic welcome board with just the foliage wrapped around it … eucalyptus makes for an excellent look for a rustic wedding as well.


Candles and simple eucalyptus run down the centre of the table creating an incredibly effective table dressing without costing a fortune…