One of my favourite colour combinations for weddings at the moment, especially for autumn and winter weddings when the light makes it look so much more magical, is “burgundy, blush and gold wedding”. I especially love this when used with my favourite flower of the moment Dahlias! When I find a colour combination I love in invariably create a moodboard for it on my Pinterest account and then I can collate ideas and hopefully use this in the future to inspire a new range of stationery or when I need it if a couple enquire about a bespoke design in this colour combination.

So I thought I’d share with some of my favourite images and ideas that I have found via Pinterest in this colour combination…

82335262d3cb596723d490407d9bce4c photography jess jackson via Hello May

thecinderellaproject blogspot com ruffledblog com photography by Emily Millay Photography

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credits : shoes ; Floral centrepiece via by Jose Villa ; Floral crown photography by Jess Jackson ; tapered candle inspiration from