I’m constantly being asked by clients and friends how much people should budget for their wedding stationery?

It’s an especially pertinent question in today’s economic climate as more and more couples look to save money when it comes to their wedding. I think it’s because of this that many people automatically assume they can’t afford handmade wedding stationery … but it doesn’t have to be expensive!
You’re probably saying … ‘Oh well she would say that!’ as Knots & Kisses produces handmade stationery, but honestly I do believe that it’s true.
I like to work on having a good relationship with my couples, and this means I can work tightly to whatever budget they set. If they like a particular design, but it just doesn’t fit in with their price range. I’ll work hard to come up with something in the same style that will. You just don’t get that with pre printed, mass produced stationery!

I also often advise people about being budget conscious when ordering their stationery. Lots of people will over order. You only need one invitation per family or household remember, and guests will often share Orders of Service in church … so you don’t necessarily need to order one per day guest.
As a guideline your stationery should be approximately 3-4% of your overall wedding budget.

People shouldn’t feel nervous about asking us to bring a design they like within budget. It’s what we’re here for and that’s the great thing about handmade stationery, we can always work something out to suit you!
Remember handmade means flexibility … and someone on the other end of the phone who can help you with any changes!