Hello .. welcome to a new week on the blog.
Firstly I’d like to apologise if posts were a bit erratic last week! It was a bit of a manic week here at Knots & Kisses … I had to unfortunately go and visit the family in Birmingham for a funeral on Tuesday and this meant the rest of the week was spent playing catch up I’m afraid! Hopefully normal service will resume this week 🙂

I’m delighted to show you this morning some Save the Dates I’ve been working on for a really lovely couple who have both a South African and British background. They loved my ‘Very British Wedding’ range of stationery but wanted a South African twist. Here’s what I came up with .. using stamps with the King Protea flower on …

The design got me to thinking as to how to style a wedding with elements of both countries in it. So many couples these days must have the same issue .. trying to incorporate two different heritages into one wedding.
In the styling ideas below I’ve gone with the idea of a British Street Party with the trestle tables, union jack bunting and strawberries and cream, but incorporated a South African element in the rustic feel and the King Protea flowers.

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