Hello all!
I wanted to look today at bunting. Bunting has been quite popular at many weddings for a little while now as a form of decor. Its great for creating a relaxed feel .. and perfect for festival, rustic or village fete style weddings. But I wanted to look at alternative decor ideas with Bunting that could be adapted to almost any style of wedding or venue.

I personally LOVE bunting … I have several strings of pretty or union jack bunting just waiting in my cupboard for the day I have a lovely garden and can string it up for a garden party 🙂
Here are some of my favourite buntings I’ve found ….

 Pretty Lace effect bunting from Baloolah Bunting on www.etsy.com
 Gorgeous Bunting from old crochet lace doilies available from Bekhadu at www.etsy.com
Silk Scarf / Handkerchief Bunting from esther2u2 at www.etsy.com
I especially love bunting made from doilies at the moment …
Of course you can use bunting in a traditional way and string it up from the ceiling of your venue. I think it looks best on mass for the best effect ..  so string lots of it from beams, posts and poles!
An alternative is to use small bunting .. either paper or fabric .. as a decoration for the backs of your chairs.
I think every other chair looks best if you’re going to do this across your entire reception venue … or each chair with a slightly different look or colour. Alternatively just use it to decorate the back of the Bride and Grooms chair for a special touch!
Finally why not use a touch of bunting to decorate a cake or over your dessert table as a finishing touch ….
cake bunting available from www.etsy.com
I hope this gives you a few ideas for your wedding decor!
Nikki x