Let’s talk table plans! As well as looking good, a bespoke table plan has a very important job to do. It’s something all your guests will scrutinize closely because it’s the only way they’ll know where to sit!

If you want the simplicity of a standard table plan board designed to sit on an easel, that’s no problem at all. This style is available as part of each House Collection in either A1 or A2. But if you’d like to do something a little more creative, there are so many other options…

bespoke hanging table plan geometric botanical print

Hanging Table Plans

From hanging hoops with their own special frame to incredible vertical installations, suspending your table plan from above will always look eye-catching and distinctive.  

Knots & Kisses bespoke hanging fabric table plan

Frames & Clipboards

Printing each table on to separate cards and placing them in beautiful frames, beneath glass cloches or on wooden clipboards gives you a lot of scope to style something creative and unique. Consider arranging them somewhere unexpected like a vintage bureau or among lots of foliage and flickering candles.   

bespoke table plan inspiration


Fabric is a firm favourite with a lot of clients right now and it also makes a lovely keepsake after the wedding. You can either purchase the fabric and hang it in your own way or hire one of my frames to suspend it from. You can also go all out with the styling, adding things like flowers and foliage to create a beautiful focal point.

bespoke table plan inspiration hanging installation

Bespoke Table Plan Delivery & Installation

For many of my bespoke table plans, I offer a delivery and installation service within a certain radius of my studio. This means you can hire one of our wooden or metal frames and I’ll be there on your wedding day to set-up as well as collecting everything the day after.

You can learn more about reception stationery here.  

Photo Credits:

Fabric Table Plan Frame – Photographer // Joshua Gooding Photography

Hanging Hoop Table Plan – Photographer // Maxi Photography, Florist // Amanda Winsor

Hanging Card Table Plan in Tipis – Photographer // Yeti Photography

Hanging Fabric Table Plan on Chain – Photographer // Clare Kinchin Photography