I’m in love with an arrow wedding! I have to say I do tend to get a little bit obsessed with trends every now and again. At the moment its arrows! I love them and arrow motifs seem to be everywhere at weddings at the moment. I love using them on bespoke wedding invitation designs and honestly at the moment its all about them being as shiny and gilded as possible!

So for today’s Friday inspiration I’ve decided to share with you some of my favourite arrow themed wedding ideas for inspiration on how you can incorporate them into your wedding.


I love the idea of ‘piercing’ a cake with a golden arrow … there’s something a little bit cupid about it and perfect for a modern and yet romantic touch to a wedding cake. Plus if you’re going for cupcakes, but want to keep it modern instead of vintage, have these cute little golden arrows instead.

arrow wedding cupcakes  pierced arrow wedding cake


There are obviously all sorts of possibilities to incorporate arrows into your wedding signage. Not only just using a motif but actually using it to direct your guests to an area of the venue. We are definitely going to be using some signage at our wedding so its easier for guests to relax and know whats happening at all times … especially good if you are having a wedding which is spread over a large area or a festival style in a field.

arrow wedding sign arrow-wedding-signage

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Or go full on and incorporate actual bow and arrows into your wedding theme! Archery at a wedding … how amazing would that be! And I love these arrow place settings and floral arrangements. Just possibly consider giving the little ones blunted versions!

archery-at-wedding  arrows-in-wedding-flowers

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I hope that gives you a bit of inspiration for your wedding and have a lovely weekend! For more inspiration take a look at my Pinterest boards at https://uk.pinterest.com/knotsandkisses/

Nikki x