I may have mentioned this before but a few years back I went to the wedding of one of my very good friends who had a fabulous wedding on stage in a theatre. She got married in a fabulous red dress with a matching red top hat and veil … it was stunning! And totally her as she so wasn’t the traditional white wedding dress type 🙂

So many brides want something that little bit different for their wedding dress and pale colours don’t suit everyone. So I’ve been on the look out for some gorgeous colourful options for wedding dresses and these are my favourites! …


One of my favourite wedding dress colours … its so much more flattering than white and even ivory … and it creates a beautiful vintage feel.

vivienne westwood bridal range
If you’re having a beach or winter themed wedding you might want to consider a pale or silvery blue. Be careful though blue tones don’t suit all skin colours.
Vintage Dress via www.weddingchicks.com
If you really want to stand out from the crowd a red wedding dress is perfect … especially for a theatrical or winter wedding. Bridesmaids always seem to be an issue when picking a coloured dress … my friend had her bridesmaids in gorgeous black lace which fitted the theatre them perfectly, but for a more classic look perhaps a pale gold or ivory would look wonderful.

images via www.pinterest.com
Finally for a really dramatic look and to break with tradition why not consider a black wedding dress. Actually not as scary as it sounds .. especially if you are considering an elegant evening wedding or an art deco theme.