Now I’m all for a nice slice of cake … especially if it’s chocolate! But I also find the idea of giving guests a three tier wedding cake to munch on after a traditional wedding breakfast with dessert possibly a bit much. Plus I know there are plenty of people out there who don’t have a sweet tooth … so what are the alternatives to the traditional three tier wedding cake?

Obviously their are cupcakes .. which are almost the norm now at modern weddings .. but I’m looking for really different options!
My first option is a cheese tower. Whats great about these stacked and decorated truckles of cheese is that it essentially becomes your cheese course for your wedding breakfast and its a great option for those people that don’t have a sweet tooth. Plus I am a bit of a cheese fanatic!
These cheese cakes below are from the fantastic website.

Another option … and I hope I’m not causing any confusion here are cheesecakes. The traditional dessert piled up to make a tiered cake. This is great if you want to serve your cake instead of a dessert course .. really practical and, as you’re killing two birds with one stone, a brilliant money saver!
These cakes are from .. I’m loving the one with all the profiteroles on top!

My final alternative is probably my favourite … me and my other half love a good pie, and this company make wedding cakes from savoury pies! You can have a traditional three tier number but I really love these alternatives to cupcakes ….