I often have conversations with couples and friends who worry about the cost of hosting a wedding when they have so many people to invite. One of the major worries is the cost per head of providing a sit down meal for all these people.
I always suggest looking at alternatives to the traditional sit down wedding breakfast .. its not for everyone … but if you aren’t that set on a traditional wedding here are a few ideas for how you can provide food for your guests at your wedding reception that may keep the costs down.


Especially lovely for an outdoor or garden wedding … spread out blankets and picnic benches and provide each guest with a small picnic for their afternoon meal. Just remember to have a back up plan in case it rains 🙂

A lot of people are put off by the idea of serving a buffet to their ‘afternoon’ guests .. but done in the right way with some quirky touches it can look beautiful. Especially great to serve seperate tables filled with goodies … I’m loving the idea of a cheese or pie table!


Increasingly popular this is a lovely way to have an informal sit down meal without having the traditional 3 course wedding breakfast. As the food is placed on lovely china in front of your guests … it still allows a little bit of formality in that you can easily work in speeches etc as normal .. but small finger food and desserts definately keeps the cost down.