I have an innate love of flowers and the colour and drama they can create. As a wedding stylist with hay fever, this can be an issue, but it’s a sacrifice I’m prepared to make because… big blooms are back! After several years of dried flowers being the on-trend look for weddings, we’re finally seeing a return to masses of gorgeous fresh flowers. I’ve been asked for more full floral arches in the last couple of months than ever before.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not a florist. Luckily, I know and trust some amazing people who are. These florists do incredible work for me, transforming my ideas into stunning floral designs. Let me tell you a little more about this process…  

apricot and cream wedding bouquet with peonies, roses and dahlias

How I Work with Florists

Generally, I like to bring a florist on board for you. This means I can create the styling plan for your wedding and then suggest the perfect florist for job. It’s important to find someone who can really nail the look or feel we’re going for.

As part of the process, I’ll also speak to the florists I recommend on your behalf, checking their availability and asking them to provide an estimate based on the styling plan I’ve created. This means you’ll receive one quote that includes all your flowers, décor and styling, removing the need to pay lots of different invoices. Less wedmin is always a win!

Your bespoke styling plan will include a loose idea of the colours and floral designs I recommend. We’ll then arrange a meeting with the florist I’ve brought on board about 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. At this point, we’ll chat specifics like what’s in season and any flowers you might want to prioritise in your bouquets and buttonholes.

How I Choose Flowers for Your Wedding

When I’m working on the floral elements of your styling plan, I consider more than just the colours we’ll use. Here are some other important things to think about:


Many florists prefer to work with British grown flowers as much as possible. It’s so much better for the environment than importing from overseas, but it does mean you need to think about what’s in season around the time of your wedding.


Will your wedding mainly take place inside or outdoors? Do you need sturdy arrangements? Will they need to withstand a strong breeze or the odd rain shower? Or do we need to think about your venue having strong central heating or a real fire? All these things will influence the suggestions I make.


Another important factor is how long things need to last. Does set-up have to take place the day before due to venue restrictions? If so, you need flowers that will stay looking fresh for as long as possible.


It’s important to consider the space as a whole and how you plan to use it. Is there scope for hanging arrangements? Does your venue allow them? Is there a suitable beam or fixing to work from? I’ll also check your catering plans before I think about table décor. If you’re having sharing boards, your caterers aren’t going to be happy if we’re suddenly putting huge foliage runners down the centre of the table, leaving them no room for food!

A Florist’s Perspective

I asked one of the florists I work with regularly, Holly Bee Flowers, to share their process when it comes to providing your wedding flowers:

‘We’re led by the seasons and a client’s colour palette when making flower design choices. As a result, our style will always be slightly wild and ethereal – as nature intended. This means clients must love our style and trust our judgment. We’re never going to send them an exact ingredient list of flowers. Instead, we’ll work with their chosen colour palette to create their dream wedding flowers through truly seasonal designs. We also believe this is a lovely touch as it really marks their day in time, making the flowers unique. No two weddings are ever the same!’

autumn purples styled wedding shoot rustic white shutter decorated with flowers and foliage against a red brick wall
Autumn purples shoot wine bottle table plan decorated with gold wax seals and surrounded by flowers and foliage

Further Reading

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Styling & Coordination throughout // Knots & Kisses

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