Often trends in weddings filter over from other areas of design … specifically fashion & interiors. One of the biggest trends in interiors at the moment is ‘Vintage Industrial’ .. so I wanted to look at how you could incorporate this look into your Wedding Scheme.

I love anything for my home at the moment that gives Vintage a bit of an edge .. and stops it being too pastel ‘shabby chic’ … a term that’s overused to the extreme at the moment as far as I’m concerned!
Here’s an idea of what I mean by ‘Vintage Industrial’ it comes to interiors from one of my favourite interiors websites www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk

To adapt this to a wedding I would think of using really old beaten up trestle tables for your guests to sit around. Don’t cover them up with table cloths .. but possibly use a piece of vintage lace or hessian as a runner down the middle to pretty the look up slightly.
Use old printing blocks and other industrial items as table numbers and centre pieces. This can be a really cost effective way of dressing your tables for your wedding as well … scour reclamation yards and junk shops for cheap items.

Obviously using an old warehouse or commercial barn with rough brick walls can be a great venue for this look and give a great atmosphere for your wedding. Finding one for a day ceremony as well might be tricky in the UK .. but, as a friend of mine proved, with patience you can apply for a building you want to use for your ceremony to be licensed as a venue from your local council.
You can hang gorgeous old industrial light fittings from beams or use big industrial spotlights on the floor for added atmosphere. Or for a bit of a juxtaposition of styles use chandeliers instead!
Some more decor ideas ….

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