As I’ve said before, adding luxe finishing touches to your wedding stationery is one of the most exciting parts of my job. Today, I want to share the ins and outs of a printing process that creates one of the most on-trend looks around – foil printed wedding stationery.

blush gold and marble foil printed wedding stationery

Hot Foil Printing

So, how do we add those super pretty metallic details to your wedding invitations? I favour hot foil printing, and this is what you’ll find priced on my website.

This preference is mainly down to the superior quality of the hot foil process. It uses a unique, bespoke ‘block’ created specifically for your design. This is ‘pressed’ into the card, giving the foil a slight 3-dimensional look. Hot foil is less likely to mottle or mark, giving it a high quality, luxury finish that’s hard to replicate.

Due to the bespoke nature of the process, hot foil printing is more expensive and has a higher minimum order quantity. The price of your foil block will be spread across the cost of your invitations, so the more you’re ordering, the more cost-effective foiling will be.

At the same time, it’s not possible to foil individual guest names on each invitation as you’d need a different foil block for each one, making a single invitation insanely expensive!

bespoke gold foil printed wedding invitation

Digital Foil Printing

Digital foil is an option, but you’ll need to enquire directly for prices. The process is cheaper, so digital foil is generally what you’ll find on mass produced greetings cards. The foil has a flat finish, more like a foil transfer. This can leave it susceptible to marks or mottling and requires the use of a shinier, smoother card.

Personally, I feel digital foil printing fails to create a quality finish, so I always encourage couples to spend a little bit more in order to achieve their dream look.

italian romance foil printed wedding stationery knots & kisses

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Gold foil is big news right now, but it isn’t your only option. Foil printed wedding stationery is available in a myriad of different finishes – from various golds, coppers and silvers right through to black, white, transparent and even holographic!

The choice is yours, and I can send through a foil brochure to pick from. If you like an existing design, but want to explore a different colour foil, that’s no problem at all – and no extra cost!

Photo Credits:

Clare Kinchin Photography