Firstly a bit of an apology for the lack of blog post yesterday. Its been a tough week here at Knots & Kisses. I’ve been making lots of decisions for the future and am delighted to announce that there will be an updated version of the website, with new wedding stationery ranges and lots of other new goodies launching at the end of September / beginning of October!
I’m really excited about it 🙂

On another subject, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on a bit of a personal project over the last few months and have been spending any odd time off I can grab to work on a painting for my gorgeous 4 year old niece’s bedroom.
I managed to get a couple of hours in to work on it this week and it’s finally at a stage where I wanted to share with you how it’s coming along.
Its so nice to get some time to paint every now and again … I think it keeps me creative and inspired.

Anyway the picture is a Magical Forest theme .. and I promised my niece a gingerbread house and lots of fairies and gnomes 🙂