… but only sometimes.
I love being self-employed! It is by far the best thing I have ever done. I was never very good at working for someone else .. I’m fair too opinionated and prone to working when I’m at my most productive rather than when someone tells me to!
Working for yourself is fantastic most of the time … it does give an enormous sense of achievement and there are times when something comes up and you can just go … yes I’ll give myself time off to do that!

However I have to say the last few months for me and the world of Self-Employment have been a struggle. One of the toughest things about being self-employed and running your own business is that if you are feeling sick then you can’t just ring in and get someone else to cover. You work through it. Your clients have put their faith in you to produce their wedding stationery and its not their fault that you would rather be bundled up under the duvet with a lemsip!
Unfortunately for the last four months I’ve felt like I’ve got a permanent cold. The doctor has said I’ve got allergic rhinitis .. basically permanent hayfever, and to be honest that’s not that big a deal … if it had gone on for just a few weeks … but after four months of feeling like this it really starts to wear you down.

I still love being self employed though and I love creating couples wedding stationery, no matter how terrible I’m feeling .. so this is definitely not a doom and gloom, looking for sympathy post. I just felt like sharing because often that really helps … and to be honest I’ve been trying to put a brave face on it because quite frankly friends and family don’t want to be constantly hearing that you feel like crap!

Anyway I have decided because of this that this year I am going to give myself a proper Christmas holiday and am taking a full two weeks off … madness I know 🙂
I am determined to have a proper relaxing time .. even though I’ll be cooking like mad as we’ve got 8 people for Christmas. But to be honest I love cooking and this will be relaxing for me. Hopefully having a bit of down time will help me feel better and at least less run down as we approach new year.
I’m going to schedule blog posts and tweets but I’m determined not to be constantly on Social Media during this time.

I don’t want to wallow in self pity though! To end on a positive note this week has been great in many ways! Firstly I made one of my best friends Save the Date Cards which I’m very excited for her to receive! I also had a lovely weekend with my other half shopping in Exeter Christmas Market and spent Sunday putting up my Christmas Tree … which is possibly my favourite thing to do all year!
Doing fun stuff like this definitely makes me feel less like spending the day under the duvet and definitely helps me feel better 🙂