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Risking sounding like a broken record I can’t believe how quickly this year is going! Everyone said the year of wedding planning would race by and they weren’t wrong! We had another meeting at our wedding venue Coombe Trenchard on Friday which was absolutely lovely! Its made us feel we are definitely on track and Sarah and Emily are so lovely and accommodating … you really feel like they want your wedding to be a true reflection of you as a couple and not like you are just another in a long train of couples who need to fit around them and how their wedding venue works. I know from speaking to so many brides and grooms over the years that this is not always the case so I feel very luck to have found such a wonderful venue.

It got me thinking about how that is my favourite part of working with my couples who order stationery from me. Whether the stationery is one of my standard collections or a completely bespoke design I always try my best to make the invitations as personal to them and their wedding as possible. Its why I will never place any restrictions on wording or give couples a template they have to stick to … It’s just not what I think weddings are about!

So how do you make your wedding personal to you as possible ?

Ditch the rule book!

I think one of the main questions I get asked all the time when clients are planning their weddings is “is this how it’s normally done?”. To be fair I can understand. Planning a wedding is something most people will have never done before. You often have no idea about where to even start, let alone what you should and shouldn’t include. Its often much easier to say well if this is how it’s traditionally done lets go with that. But I think with every decision that you make with regards to your wedding you have to sit back for a minute and ask yourself is this something which is right for us as a couple? Several times during my wedding planning I’ve felt like I ‘should’ have something because I know somebody in the industry who does that thing. Ant has been brilliant though, as an industry outsider, for checking for a second and saying that’s not really us is it! So for everything a magazine ‘tells’ you you ‘should’ have take a minute to decide whether you want it. Don’t be swayed by tradition if its not who you are. We, for example, are not having adult bridesmaids or ushers and we are walking in to our ceremony together and spending the night before together. I’m not one for superstition.

Create a moodboard

Whether this be a physical board, scrapbook or a collection of images on Pinterest, spend some time before you really start planning to look at ideas that appeal to you both and what you love and loath about weddings. Don’t limit yourself to wedding images though! No-one wants to see another identikit Pinterest wedding! They want to see you and your personalities. So include in your moodboard things you love to do in your spare time, books you love, films you adore … what your passions are. You will often find that this naturally creates an idea of how you would like your wedding to look … sometimes it might even suggest a colour scheme you may not have realised you have to your life! We have started decorating our new house in a palette of navy’s and greys with pops of colour and so it seemed natural to include navy in our wedding scheme … a very pale pastel wedding would just not have been us.

Think about your friends and family

How do those closest to you see you as a couple ? You want your day to reflect who you are and how people see you. Asking friends and family for what they see as ‘your’ colour or personality might be really interesting and throw up things you may never have thought of. (Although obviously make sure they don’t think they can get too involved!) Its also lovely to think about what your friends and family like to do and how to incorporate things that they will find fun into the day as well. There is no point having a day which reflects you both completely if everyone of your guests is going to have a miserable time!

I really hope that gives you a starting point for your own wedding planning and how to make it personal to you. We’ve had so much fun planning our ideas that I hope everyone else enjoys it too!

Nikki x


Pretty Floral Country Garden Wedding Invitations

I hope you are all having a fabulous, festive and fun Christmas and congratulations to any of you lucky couples who got engaged on Christmas Day! I can’t imagine how excited you must be to start the wedding planning and set a date for your big day! So thank you for visiting the Knots & Kisses blog and website … I really hope that some of the articles, stationery and inspiration on the blog set you on the right track to planning your perfect wedding.

Some of you may be considering a gorgeous pretty summer country garden wedding this year or next so today I wanted to share with you my pretty floral Country Garden range of wedding invitations which are available on the website at . I designed the Country Garden range because I wanted to create a cute floral invitation with some of my favourite pastel colours and florals. I love colour and wanted to create a ‘bright’ pastel design and also incorporate a gorgeous lace print. I absolutely love lace but know that incorporating real lace, which I do in some of my other ranges, can increase the cost of posting your invitations as they aren’t flat … so I decided to come up with a flat lace motif to give the feel of lace without the extra bulk.

pretty floral country garden wedding invitations

pretty floral country garden wedding invitations pocketfold

I also wanted to keep the range fun and light-hearted with a cute floral  and a pretty pink gingham band that will look perfect with a pretty country garden summer wedding. The range comes with a full range of matching reception stationery and table plans.

If you love the range and need some ideas as to how to incorporate it into your wedding theme for each range I create a matching moodboard. For the Country Garden range I decided to keep the styling pretty and rustic with a wooden background and gorgeous pretty flowers. I included one of my favourite summer florals daisies and some gorgeous silk ribbon … I admit I am a bit of a ‘haberdashery hoarder’ and my studio is full of boxes of ribbons, buttons and scraps of fabric as inspiration!

pretty floral country garden wedding invitation inspiration moodboard

Burgundy Blush and Gold Wedding Ideas

One of my favourite colour combinations for weddings at the moment, especially for autumn and winter weddings when the light makes it look so much more magical, is “burgundy, blush and gold wedding”. I especially love this when used with my favourite flower of the moment Dahlias! When I find a colour combination I love in invariably create a moodboard for it on my Pinterest account and then I can collate ideas and hopefully use this in the future to inspire a new range of stationery or when I need it if a couple enquire about a bespoke design in this colour combination.

So I thought I’d share with some of my favourite images and ideas that I have found via Pinterest in this colour combination…

82335262d3cb596723d490407d9bce4c photography jess jackson via Hello May

thecinderellaproject blogspot com ruffledblog com photography by Emily Millay Photography

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credits : shoes ; Floral centrepiece via by Jose Villa ; Floral crown photography by Jess Jackson ; tapered candle inspiration from

Ombre Bright Floral Wedding Stationery & Inspiration

I honestly can’t believe its November already .. this year is going so quickly! It only seems like yesterday that I was relaunching the website and that was back at the beginning of September!

So today I’m looking at another of the ranges I had rephotographed for the relaunch .. Ombre. It’s been one of my most popular ranges since I launched it with its mint ombre background and bright florals. For the relaunch we pared it with a cute turquoise polka dot background and some pretty pink ribbon and peonies.

ombre-bright-floral-wedding-invitations-and-stationery pink-ombre-placecards


Now as part of sharing all the new photography for all the existing ranges in my collection I promised to be creating new inspiration moodboards to go with each range. However looking back at the moodboard I created when I launched the range I just think it still fits the range and the new photography perfectly and I just couldn’t come up with anything better!

So here it is again for any of you who haven’t seen it and would like to see what style of wedding I see the Ombre range suiting! For me its all about girly pinks and mints but with a bit of a rock chick edge and lots of glitter and sequins!


Chocolate Wedding Cakes

I apologise now if today’s post has you running down the shops or results in a little mouth watering … as I’m afraid I’m talking Chocolate! Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a bit of a chocoholic so if a wedding cake was needed I think I would definitely be heading down the chocolate route! But this doesn’t just mean picking a chocolate sponge for the inside and sticking with a standard white fondant on the outside – with the popularity of naked cakes, cakes covered in ganache and some spectacular creations in modelling chocolate there are some stunning chocolate wedding cake options about.

So I’ve trawled the options and found my favourites for all you fellow chocoholics out there!

picture from

picture from

picture from cake by baker Kaysie Lackey

picture from cake by baker Kaysie Lackey

85afb6170f71e33c1f6cf8414fd77623 804ab90c5679bf31882766fe707e2deb

Of course you can’t talk chocolate cakes without mentioning the utterly amazing Choccywoccydoodah – the famous Brighton shop with their own TV show create stunning cakes using modelled chocolate and pretty much anything goes as you can see below.


Stunning Wedding Jewellery And Accessories from Kye Tew Jewellery

Today I want to introduce you to one of my favourite suppliers here in the South West.

The wonderful Kye Tew Jewellery works from her lovely workshop in Exeter to create quite the most stunning and individual wedding jewellery, accessories and headpieces I’ve ever seen. If you are looking for vintage glamour for your wedding or are a Boho bride looking for something alternative then this is definitely the place to go. Kye creates bespoke Jewellery by incorporating and recycling vintage, antique and pre-loved items into unique, versatile designs, exclusive to each customer. You can even incorporate a family heirloom into the pieces to make something really one off for your wedding.

Take a look at the website and get in touch with Kye at

I just love these tear drop style headdresses which sit on the forehead with a really beautiful mix of boho and art deco styling.

View More: IMG_0910 IMG_4954 IMG_9775



Modern Butterfly Botanical Wedding Invitations

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the unexpected glorious sunshine. I headed off to Torquay on Saturday and spent a wonderful day walking round the harbour and town and had an amazing lunch at the fantastic Harbour Kitchen which I thoroughly recommend! Sunday was also pretty great day spent in the kitchen with my lovely other half – him baking carrot cake and me making a big Sunday Roast.

Back to work today and after the relaunch of the website and having all of my new and existing ranges re-photographed by the amazing Clare Kinchin Photography I wanted to start sharing with you some of the photographs which were taken of the ‘older’ ranges on the website. I was so pleased with how myself and Clare managed to ‘breathe some life’ back into the ranges which I designed a few years ago. Often when designing its all about the new and, although clients still liked them, I find myself getting tired of things I have designed a while back so it was fantastic to ‘reimagine’ those ranges and get excited about them again … remembering why I loved them in the first place!

So over the next few weeks and months I’m going to take some time on the blog to share the new photographs of an older range and along side that create a brand new moodboard with you – giving you an up to date look on how that range of stationery can be styled with your wedding.

Today I’m looking at my Sketch range in the Butterfly Print which are modern botanical wedding invitations in a neutral colour scheme and  you can order from the website at 



The moodboard I’ve created for Sketch is based on the fact that my original vision for the range was to be something which combined the botanical and rustic but with a clean modern look, so there are elements of ferns and twine but also some clean lines and plenty of crisp white linen mixed in.

Modern Botanical Neutral Wedding Inspiration Moodboard

credits : ; cookies from photography Christ Elyce ; Dress by Kaviar Gauche 2015 ; cake image from ;



Take Part To Win Your Honeymoon

A quick post today to let you know of a media company who are looking for couples getting married this year to take part in a new TV show.
Giving the opportunity to win a luxury 5* honeymoon and the most exciting pre-wedding celebration of their lives.
Following the couples build up to their wedding, capturing all the excitement, nerves and joy their wedding day will bring. They’re looking for brilliant, interesting and intriguing couples to take part.

Win Your Honeymoon Competition

Real Brides : English Eccentrics Wedding Reception Stationery

Hope you’ve all had a lovely few days. I’m back to normal now after a short break down in Devon to start house hunting at the weekend … its all very exciting and of course I’ll let you know as soon as I do if Knots & Kisses HQ is on the move 🙂

I’m delighted to share with you today some photographs from one of the weddings of the gorgeous Brides I’ve worked with this year!
Michelle & Paul got in contact via Twitter earlier this year and asked me to work on their reception stationery for them, in the style of my English Eccentrics range.
Their photographer Donna Craddock, has let me share some of the photos of their reception so you can see the menus, tags and table plan I made for them … So loving the pink campervan!!