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watercolour floral wedding invitations and stationery

I’m so excited by how the two new ranges I launched last week have gone down! I’m already getting several enquiries about them and thank you everyone for your lovely comments! Last week on the blog I shared the Spring Garden range and now I’d like to share with you more photos and details of the Watercolour Floral range which was also launched last week.


The Watercolour Floral range stemmed from another photo shoot I did for the lovely Elle at Inspire Hire in Cornwall . She styles some amazing weddings here in the South West and has some wonderful things for you to hire on your wedding day as well. Elle was doing a photo shoot for Wed Magazine inspired by Summer Picnics and asked me to design some stationery and invitations to go with the shoot. I of course love designing stationery, whether for clients or for shoots, so jumped at the chance.

The brief was bright and floral so I kept it simple with really crisp white card and really bright purples, pinks and greens in the florals.

watercolour floral wedding invitations

I loved the stationery so much I decided it had to be a new range on the website so I designed a full range of matching reception stationery which continues the watercolour floral theme. Placecards have a contrasting hydrangea motif that matches in with the rest of the stationery.

I had so much fun photographing this range with the lovely Clare Kinchin Photography at her studio. We kept the styling simple with a white wooden background and some sprigs of bright purple lavender. The aim for the stationery and the shoot was fun and floral but also modern and crisp.

I really hope you like the stationery as much as I do. If you’d like to ask any more questions then please don’t hesitate to drop me an email to

Nikki x

Spring Garden Bright Floral Wedding Invitations

I’m very excited today as I have launched 2 new stationery ranges on the website! They are both part of the Brights Collection and I just love how fun and bright and floral they are! The first of the ranges is the Spring Garden range. Bright floral wedding invitations which were inspired by a photo shoot at my very own wedding venue Coombe Trenchard!

spring garden wedding invitations

Last spring the gorgeous ladies at Blue Fizz Events commissioned me to produce some stationery for a style shoot at Coombe Trenchard. The theme was spring garden inspired by the gorgeous gardens at Coombe Trenchard and I really went for it with a bright floral wedding theme with a hint of the rustic in some dark brown string. I thought using the dark string rather than the usual coloured twine really echoed Coombe Trenchards wood and panelling and the history of the house. We had an amazing day on the shoot and I loved the stationery so much I was excited to turn it into a permanent range on the website.

I took samples of the range to the Westpoint wedding show in October and it proved so popular that I knew it was something I had to launch … and so here it is! You can find the Spring Garden range in the Brights section .


With this range I really wanted to concentrate on bursts of colour and also create a leaf pattern which could be used across the range. So as well as the bright pink flowers and monogram the back of cards and the envelope liners have the leaf pattern on in a bright burst of green. Against the crisp white card and dark brown twine I think it looks really cheerful and bold.

bright floral wedding invitation packs


As with all of my ranges you can order a full range of invitations, Save the Dates, Order of Service and matching reception stationery. Order directly from the website or contact me if you want to discuss any bespoke changes you might want to make first.

I can’t wait to hear from some of you and receive order’s for this range … it brightens up the studio and definitely makes a dull day more cheery!

I’ve also launched another range today Watercolour Florals and I’ll be sharing details of this very soon!

Nikki x

(Photography by Clare Kinchin )

Bespoke Vintage Travel Wedding Invitation

I do love an good bespoke brief from a client! So when Sophie & Ross got in touch last year wanting a vintage travel wedding invitation I was very excited! I do have a vintage travel themed range of stationery but it wasn’t quite what they were after. So they purchased one of my bespoke fees and we had a consultation over the phone to discuss their requirements.

They really wanted to include a gate-fold style of invitation so I designed a vintage travel themed gate-fold. The background had a vintage aged paper feel and was kept together by a simple belly band with a stamp mark and their names. Although they wanted a vintage feel they also didn’t want it to be too old fashioned and fussy so a clean belly band definitely made it more modern.

bespoke gatefold style travel wedding invitations

The next big thing was to incorporate not only one of their favourite photos but also to create an RSVP card in with the theme which allowed their guests to see a menu and return their menu choices. I designed a lovely little round corned folded booklet with their photo aged slightly on the front. Inside were the menu options and tick boxes for the guests. The tick box section was then perforated so it could be torn off, and on the reverse it was pre-addressed to Sophie & Ross so it could be posted back to them with a yes / no as well as the menu choices. I was so pleased with the design I can’t wait to do something similar again in the future!


The invitation itself sat inside a pocket inside the gate-fold and was in the form of a punched train ticket. There was then also a telegram style information card and a little luggage tag with the gift list details.


I absolutely loved designed Sophie & Ross’s travel wedding invitations. If you would like me to come up with something bespoke for your wedding please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form or email me

Nikki x

watercolour wedding invitation with cat illustration

Today I’m sharing another of my bespoke designs. The design for Sammii and Adam was a watercolour wedding invitation in style. Incorporating a hand painted illustration of their gorgeous cat! I met them ( Sammii & Adam that is … not the cat! ) at the Westpoint wedding show in Exeter back in October. They really liked one of my existing designs with its watercolour floral illustrations. They wanted though to incorporate some personal details and their colour scheme of pinks and greens. With one being from Cornwall and the other from Devon I used crossed Devon & Cornish flags on the belly band. I then did a painting of their cat wearing a bow tie sitting in amongst all the flowers they liked. He will be forever known in my head as ‘dapper cat’ as he looked so adorable in the bow tie!


I love creating invitations that are totally personal to the couple and their wedding so this was a fantastic brief to work on and I think the results were really lovely and the invitations were still pretty and elegant as well as fun.

The watercolour wedding invitation was accompanied by a matching rsvp and information card. It was then wrapped in the belly band and came with a crisp white envelope to match the card.

watercolour wedding invitation suite wedding-invitation-with-cat-illustration

I love working on bespoke designs and am more than happy to adapt an existing design to make it more personal to you. If you take a look at the bespoke page of this website you will see I have a ‘Tailoring Fee’ which can be bought alongside any of the existing ranges. I can then change the colours of any range to suit you. If you also want a watercolour wedding invitation where I hand paint some extra details for you then get in touch by emailing . I can give you a bespoke quote for the work.

navy blush wedding invitations with a geeky twist

Gosh it seems like ages since I’ve written a blog post and an update on our own wedding! As many of you will know we are having a navy blush wedding colour scheme. We’re also trying to incorporate lots of our love of literature, sci-fi and film. So what does a wedding stationer design for her own wedding invitations!? Well I found out recently as I set about designing and sending out our own wedding invitations for our wedding next May.

We decided that we definitely needed a full ‘pack’ for our wedding invitations. Most of our guest’s are coming from quite a distance. So we wanted to provide them lots of useful information and accommodation details. I also definitely wanted to provide an rsvp card and a stamped addressed envelope to make it as easy as possible for guests to reply. I definitely wanted guest’s to reply via post for the day invitations. There is nothing better than receiving your rsvp’s back in the post and seeing them on the doormat when you get in!

navy-blush-quirky-wedding-invitations geeky-floral-star-wars-wedding-invitations

What I really wanted to do was combine a really pretty and elegant invitation style but also incorporate some little twists. So an information booklet had a hint of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on the front cover and the envelope liner incorporated some little storm trooper helmets. We also added a quote from Lord of the Rings to the top of the invitation.

The skull motif is a running theme throughout the wedding, so this was included on the top of the invitation as well, and then I added lots of florals and wrapped everything up in a vellum wrap and leather thong to make it look like a wrapped up book. A little blush pink tag carried on the colour scheme.

We also wanted to keep things fun and light hearted so the wording on the rsvp card kept things down to earth and fun.


Honestly it was the most nerve wracking thing sending out my own wedding invitations! I felt so much pressure to make them look amazing as guest’s obviously know what I do for a living. Fortunately we’ve had a few really lovely comments about them so I’m pretty sure they were received well.

I’ll be sharing lots more about our wedding planning journey soon.

Nikki x

Modern Retro Wedding Invitations

Occasionally I like to revisit my existing ranges – I like to make sure that if I have had them on the website for a while they still feel current and up to date and what all of you out there planning weddings need and want. One of my slighter older ranges – but definitely still a favourite is my Graphic Prints range – modern retro wedding invitations with a bit of a mid century 1950s danish feel. I designed these invitations a couple of years ago because I love 1950s Scandinavian furniture and the retro prints and colours that go with that era. I wanted to add something to the website with a bit of that retro feel but bring it bang up to date with modern typography and a clean crisp belly band in all of my favourite retro colours of teal, mustard and coral.


As part of the design I also created a little ‘monogram’ motif for the top of the wedding invitations which is repeated throughout the stationery. I find monograms are becoming so popular with people for their wedding stationery as it really creates a lovely personal touch and is something they can carry on using – perhaps in letterheads and stickers – after the wedding.


floral modern retro wedding invitations

I just loved the photos my photographer Clare Kinchin took of the Graphic Prints range – especially the cute polka dot background and cotton reels we used to style it.

You can order a sample pack or all of your stationery from the Graphic prints range here

Marsala Wedding Invitations in a Bespoke Floral Pattern

Phew it’s been such a busy busy time at Knots & Kisses HQ! Normally April and May are a little quieter but so many of my clients are getting married in late May and early June this year that I’ve been flat out the last couple of weeks. I’ve definitely seen a trend over the last couple of years with couples getting married earlier in the year rather than the traditional July August time so I think I should get used to April and May being busy busy!

Today I want to share with you a bespoke version of my Midnight Rose range of stationery to create some Pantone ‘Marsala’ wedding invitations.

Emily contacted me through the Love My Dress blog’s wedding directory ‘Little Book for Brides’ which is an amazing resource for some really fantastic wedding suppliers across the country.

She loved my Midnight Rose range of wedding invitations but wanted to change the colours slightly to incorporate a more ‘marsala’ wine colour – I love this colour and it happened to be Pantone’s colour of the year last year so its bang on trend as well. We also played around with the fonts slightly as well, so my ‘mini’ £25 bespoke package was the perfect choice as this gives clients the opportunity to make small tweaks and colour changes to one of my existing ranges of stationery to make it more personal for their wedding.

marsala floral wedding invitations

The invitation suite was designed with a matching RSVP card, information card in the bespoke Marsala colour and a matching belly band to tie it all together.

bespoke floral wedding invitation suite

I was really pleased with the result and definitely think the Midnight Rose range works in a variety of strong colour options.

I’m really look forward to working on Emily’s reception stationery later in the year.

Nikki x

Watercolour Flowers and Dark Bohemian Bespoke Wedding Invitations

I do love working on bespoke changes to my existing ranges for clients! I’m not in the slightest bit precious about my work so if you have some changes you wish to make to make it ‘more you’ and more suitable for your wedding then please don’t hesitate to ask! One of the bespoke changes I did recently was for the lovely Jacalyn.

Jacalyn really liked my Midnight Rose range of stationery but wanted to incorporate a watercolour flowers painting she had done herself into the design rather than my standard florals which I use. I absolutely loved the watercolour – so bright and fun and colourful! – Jacalyn is incredibly talented … oh and did I mention she is also a florist ? She works for Cottage Flowers in Ilminster if you’re interested in taking a look.

Anyway I worked on incorporating Jacalyn’s gorgeous watercolour and gave it a dark grey background and the font style of my Midnight Rose range.

watercolour flowers and dark bohemian wedding invitations

I also incorporated a jade green colour for the belly bands to pick up on the colours in the watercolour flowers and of course it came with matching rsvp and information cards. For these I took small elements of the watercolour flowers Jacalyn had painted and seperated them off to give a touch of the illustration to the top of the information card and the side of the rsvp.

watercolour flowers and bohemian wedding invitation suite

I’m looking forward to working on the matching Order of Service very soon!

Incorporating existing artwork you might have is something I am more than happy to do as part of my work here at Knots & Kisses. I’ve had several clients in the past who already have a really lovely painting or sketch of themselves, or their wedding venue that they would like to incorporate. The only thing to bear in mind is that you have the permission of the original artist to do this.

But if it’s something you would like me to look at then please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Nikki x

Wedding Stationery – Tips on Ordering

Gosh its been a bit of a whirlwind week! Getting back into the swing of things after my amazing Christmas and New Year in Morocco has been tricky but luckily I’ve had lots and lots of fantastic orders and enquiries to keep me very busy! I’ve also been very excitedly starting to think about planning my own wedding as my amazing other half Ant proposed when we were in the Sahara desert on boxing day! I am so very excited to get married and plan my own wedding … I’m starting to already think though that I may know a little too many fellow wedding suppliers and choices and choosing everything is going to be difficult! Plus I’m the sort of person that changes my mind on a fairly frequent basis but luckily Ant will probably keep me grounded in this respect. I of course intend to document some of my planning and choices here on the blog so hopefully any fellow couples who recently got engaged can follow my journey and it will help you all as well. We are off to start looking at wedding venues this weekend which is incredibly exciting … we want to get married in 2017 and are pretty flexible on dates so I’m hoping we’ll come back with a few options to choose from. I’ve already typed up and printed out lists of questions to ask each venue which I will share soon and I’ll keep you updated!


Back to today and I wanted to help those of you who may be thinking of ordering your wedding stationery and invitations soon.

Whenever I send out samples to couples I include a list of F.A.Q. to help them when they order and I thought I would share a few of these tips and answers on the blog to help you when ordering your wedding stationery and invitations. You can order from my range of wedding invitations directly from my website at

When should I order my wedding stationery?

I would generally advise sending your Save the Date cards out 9 months to a Year prior to your wedding so think about ordering these approximately 2-3 weeks before then. Invitations should be sent out 2-3 months prior to your wedding (possibly less if you have already sent out Save the Date Cards) although you can send them out before this especially if you have guests who may need to book flights or time off work. I would therefore advise ordering your invitations from the website at least a month prior to the date you wish to send your invitations out if at all possible. Definitely allow more time if your are ordering a bespoke service. If you aren’t ready with your wording and guest list yet I would still definitely advise contacting me to book as soon as possible so I can confirm your order.

Can I make changes to one of your standard designs?

Absolutely. If you would like to make a colour change or a small printed design change to one of the designs on the website then you can go to the bespoke page and add the £25 package to your basket. Then proceed with ordering the standard stationery range as normal. Once I’ve received your order you will be contacted to discuss the changes you wish to make. Or you can order one of the full bespoke packages if you would like something designing for you from scratch!

Can you pre-print my guest’s names on my wedding invitations?

Yes I offer pre-printed guest names at no extra cost. Once you have ordered I will email you asking for you to send me an excel spreadsheet or word document with your guests names on. It is best to have this ready if at all possible when ordering as any delay in sending this to me will delay the dispatch time for your invitations. Please note that you will not receive a individual proof with every guest’s name on so please make sure you are happy with the spelling of all names before sending.

How long will it take for my invitations to arrive?

Personalised wedding stationery orders are dispatched within 2-3 weeks after I receive confirmation that you wish to go ahead with your proofs. For orders of my ranges which are embellished with lace please allow 3-4 weeks. Delivery will then take 2-5 days after this by our courier. Please be aware that any delay in signing off of proofs or receiving guest names and addresses may delay your order. Bespoke orders will take longer. Please allow 6-8 weeks for a full bespoke design process if possible.

Can you design something bespoke for me?

Yes! I would love to work with you on creating something just for your wedding. Take a look at our bespoke packages on the bespoke page of the website. There are three packages to choose from. You can order a bespoke design package directly from the website and then I will be in touch to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements further.

Can I change my mind once I’ve agreed to a proof?

I’m afraid not. Once proofs have been agreed to you have given us permission to go ahead with printing and any further changes will mean reprinting and therefore incur further costs.

Can I order if I am outside of the UK?

Absolutely. We take orders internationally. Your postage will be increased accordingly when you order. Dispatch and delivery times will obviously be greater for orders outside the UK. Orders will be dispatched within 2-4 weeks depending on the style of your stationery as normal but then please allow 7-10 working days for delivery on top of this for orders withing the european union and 10-14 working days for all other countries. We can also do your invitations in most languages if you require. Although please be aware that not all fonts are available in all languages so probably best to drop us an email at first to check.

I hope this helps with any questions you might have about ordering your wedding stationery from my website but please don’t hesitate to drop me an email to if you have any further questions.

Nikki x


Why Wedding Stationery – Colour and Inspiration



Wow it’s been such an amazing week here at Knots & Kisses! Last Friday I attended the most amazing wedding industry event … Chosen Wedding Collective’s ‘The Hub’. A day filled with inspirational talks by some amazing women, I went there thinking I would get lots of practical advice on how to increase orders and improve my business … and this was available in bucket loads! What I wasn’t expecting though was to come away feeling inspired, revitalised, focused and actually happier beyond belief about my future than I have been in ages and confident of a totally new way of working! I created the above image a few weeks ago when Kiki, who runs the Chosen Wedding Collective, asked me to produce some postcards for the bags that were being handed out on the day. Little did I know at the time how true the ‘Be Inspired’ motto was going to be!

Practicly I got some amazing tips from Madeleine Noble Jones, Kate Cullen and Anna Tyler about SEO, Pinterest and Legal Rights which were amazingly helpful. Amy from Bo Boutique got me really thinking about my business and how to progress and make it more about what I want to do. There was also the most inspirational talk from the wonderful Charlie Kingsland-Barrow about how we work and why we do what we do – which left me so motivated, even though she made me dance in public! , that I virtually ran back to my desk on Monday morning to start implementing some of the things we had talked about.

Talks from the wonderful Cat Hepple and Tamyrn Lawrence had me almost in tears as they revealed the passion that lay behind their work and showed me that I needed to get back to what started my passion for stationery way back when I started Knots & Kisses 6 years ago. It got me thinking about really writing blog posts that were from the heart rather than just ‘throwing stuff out there’ because I felt I needed to blog.

Cat got me thinking about really why I create stationery … I started to think about how much I loved to inspire people to put fun, colour and creativity into their own lives. How passionate I can get when a splash of colour can brighten up a dull grey day, whether that be putting on a bright yellow scarf before heading out the door or enjoying watching the bright blue and yellow flash of a blue tit out the kitchen window yesterday whilst making my morning cup of tea. My whole life is about things not being beige! And that is what started Knots & Kisses really … not the friends and work colleagues who needed the stationery, or the need to do something more creative with my life, which are the usual answers I give … but the feeling like I needed to inject a bit of colour and personality into things!

So Knots & Kisses is about colour and fun and textures and prettiness .. and most importantly about me and my clients expressing our personality through stationery. It is about that feeling that I get when I have sent a bespoke design off to a client and they come back and they are over the moon because it fits their wedding so perfectly, and my heart skips a beat when I get the email … because what if it was wrong, what if my instincts weren’t right … and then I punch the air and squeal slightly when they say how much they love it!

It is about me unashamedly admitting that I love flowers and florals and filling my house with flowers at any given opportunity, and so yes lots of my stationery has a floral theme. Its about loving trends and trying out new colour schemes and patterns and loving pretty bits of lace and ribbon and the texture of brown kraft card and twine. It’s about fun and frippery and not being embarrassed about that.

It’s about taking your ‘marriage’ seriously but having fun with your ‘wedding’.

So from now on I’m going to think about all of this every time I write a blog post, post a picture on instagram or start on a design for a client or a new range of stationery, because I want to put this sense of fun and colour into everything I do.

Have a wonderful, colourful weekend!

Nikki x


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