how to make your wedding personal to you

Risking sounding like a broken record I can’t believe how quickly this year is going! Everyone said the year of wedding planning would race by and they weren’t wrong! We had another meeting at our wedding venue Coombe Trenchard on Friday which was absolutely lovely! Its made us feel we are definitely on track and Sarah and Emily are so lovely and accommodating … you really feel like they want your wedding to be a true reflection of you as a couple and not like you are just another in a long train of couples who need to fit around them and how their wedding venue works. I know from speaking to so many brides and grooms over the years that this is not always the case so I feel very luck to have found such a wonderful venue.

It got me thinking about how that is my favourite part of working with my couples who order stationery from me. Whether the stationery is one of my standard collections or a completely bespoke design I always try my best to make the invitations as personal to them and their wedding as possible. Its why I will never place any restrictions on wording or give couples a template they have to stick to … It’s just not what I think weddings are about!

So how do you make your wedding personal to you as possible ?

Ditch the rule book!

I think one of the main questions I get asked all the time when clients are planning their weddings is “is this how it’s normally done?”. To be fair I can understand. Planning a wedding is something most people will have never done before. You often have no idea about where to even start, let alone what you should and shouldn’t include. Its often much easier to say well if this is how it’s traditionally done lets go with that. But I think with every decision that you make with regards to your wedding you have to sit back for a minute and ask yourself is this something which is right for us as a couple? Several times during my wedding planning I’ve felt like I ‘should’ have something because I know somebody in the industry who does that thing. Ant has been brilliant though, as an industry outsider, for checking for a second and saying that’s not really us is it! So for everything a magazine ‘tells’ you you ‘should’ have take a minute to decide whether you want it. Don’t be swayed by tradition if its not who you are. We, for example, are not having adult bridesmaids or ushers and we are walking in to our ceremony together and spending the night before together. I’m not one for superstition.

Create a moodboard

Whether this be a physical board, scrapbook or a collection of images on Pinterest, spend some time before you really start planning to look at ideas that appeal to you both and what you love and loath about weddings. Don’t limit yourself to wedding images though! No-one wants to see another identikit Pinterest wedding! They want to see you and your personalities. So include in your moodboard things you love to do in your spare time, books you love, films you adore … what your passions are. You will often find that this naturally creates an idea of how you would like your wedding to look … sometimes it might even suggest a colour scheme you may not have realised you have to your life! We have started decorating our new house in a palette of navy’s and greys with pops of colour and so it seemed natural to include navy in our wedding scheme … a very pale pastel wedding would just not have been us.

Think about your friends and family

How do those closest to you see you as a couple ? You want your day to reflect who you are and how people see you. Asking friends and family for what they see as ‘your’ colour or personality might be really interesting and throw up things you may never have thought of. (Although obviously make sure they don’t think they can get too involved!) Its also lovely to think about what your friends and family like to do and how to incorporate things that they will find fun into the day as well. There is no point having a day which reflects you both completely if everyone of your guests is going to have a miserable time!

I really hope that gives you a starting point for your own wedding planning and how to make it personal to you. We’ve had so much fun planning our ideas that I hope everyone else enjoys it too!

Nikki x


Luxe Christmas Card Packs

Well it’s definitely that time of year again! Christmas is drawing closer! The decorations and gifts are in the shops. Christmas markets are opening in a few weeks. So today I want to share with you my luxe Christmas card packs which are available to order from my Etsy shop .

After designing my new Luxe Collection of wedding invitations I decided that a complimentary range of Christmas card packs would look wonderful and I really wanted to create something sparkly and beautiful for Christmas using my love of gold foiling! I also wanted to create something beautiful yet fun and cheeky so the luxe Christmas card packs have light hearted phrases rather than anything serious on the front!

They are available as packs of 5 cards with matching envelopes.

There are 3 designs … a blush pink and gold with gold foil text and a cheeky message …

A navy mottled background with gold foil text and a twist on a traditional Christmas song lyric ( anyone noticing a bit of a boozy theme here! ) …

And a frosty grey and white with a simple snowflake and Merry Christmas message …

I hope you like them as much as I did designing them! They will be available to buy from my Etsy shop with guaranteed Christmas delivery until the 16th December so get your orders in now!

Its all about the gold for me this Christmas so I’m hoping to get a bit of gold against the navy walls of my living and dining room when I decorate for Christmas this year. That is if we finish decorating the dining room! Our house renovation project has definitely been on the back burner for the last few months as we have been so busy with work and wedding planning! So now its full steam ahead to get the dining room finished for Christmas … wish us luck!

Nikki x

provence wedding invitations and stationery

Its been such a busy few months for me at Knots & Kisses. One of the really lovely things has been the amount of bespoke orders I have had to work on. I love all of my standard ranges of course but its always exciting to get creative and work on something new. So when couple’s order one of my bespoke packages I love to see what ideas they have for their wedding and then get designing something which is perfect just for them. One of the bespoke orders I worked on earlier this month was a Provence wedding invitations suite for the very lovely Claire & Daniel. They are getting married in a beautiful location in Provence next year and so wanted their stationery to reflect the location.

After sending me pictures of their venue I created a pen and ink sketch and incorporated it into a folded invitation surrounded by olive branches and incorporating the roses and lavender colours they were going for in their wedding scheme. The background I created had a slightly vintage aged texture to it to keep in with the theme and I added a rustic brown Kraft envelope to finish the look. I also created a matching rsvp postcard with the olive branch motif and pre-addressed to them with their address and room for a stamp on the back.

As Daniel and Claire are French themselves I was also happy to do the invitations in both French and English versions for them, and they also ordered pre-addressed envelopes making it so much easier to send to their guests.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like a bespoke design for your wedding invitations and just drop me an email to [email protected] or take a look at my bespoke design fees first on the website at

Nikki x

navy blush wedding invitations with a geeky twist

Gosh it seems like ages since I’ve written a blog post and an update on our own wedding! As many of you will know we are having a navy blush wedding colour scheme. We’re also trying to incorporate lots of our love of literature, sci-fi and film. So what does a wedding stationer design for her own wedding invitations!? Well I found out recently as I set about designing and sending out our own wedding invitations for our wedding next May.

We decided that we definitely needed a full ‘pack’ for our wedding invitations. Most of our guest’s are coming from quite a distance. So we wanted to provide them lots of useful information and accommodation details. I also definitely wanted to provide an rsvp card and a stamped addressed envelope to make it as easy as possible for guests to reply. I definitely wanted guest’s to reply via post for the day invitations. There is nothing better than receiving your rsvp’s back in the post and seeing them on the doormat when you get in!



What I really wanted to do was combine a really pretty and elegant invitation style but also incorporate some little twists. So an information booklet had a hint of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on the front cover and the envelope liner incorporated some little storm trooper helmets. We also added a quote from Lord of the Rings to the top of the invitation.

The skull motif is a running theme throughout the wedding, so this was included on the top of the invitation as well, and then I added lots of florals and wrapped everything up in a vellum wrap and leather thong to make it look like a wrapped up book. A little blush pink tag carried on the colour scheme.

We also wanted to keep things fun and light hearted so the wording on the rsvp card kept things down to earth and fun.


Honestly it was the most nerve wracking thing sending out my own wedding invitations! I felt so much pressure to make them look amazing as guest’s obviously know what I do for a living. Fortunately we’ve had a few really lovely comments about them so I’m pretty sure they were received well.

I’ll be sharing lots more about our wedding planning journey soon.

Nikki x

Bridesmaids Dresses Made in Devon

If, like me, you are starting to think about Bridesmaids Dresses for your wedding then I’ve got the perfect supplier to share with you today! The lovely Kim is a designer who has a gorgeous little boutique shop AbideMaids in Cullompton in Devon. I’ve visited a couple of times and its just the perfect place to take your bridesmaids for a special afternoon sorting their dresses. Kim is really lovely and her dresses – hung in a gorgeous array of sorbet colours and beautiful fabrics in her shop – are beautifully flattering and just that little bit different enough for your maids to feel really special. I’ve always found the fabrics Kim uses to be absolutely gorgeous with a mix of finishes include gorgeous lace ‘toppers’ and a great selection of seperates with stunning a-line midi skirts and cute tops.

6 devon-bridesmaids-dresses

As well as the dresses the shop also has some beautiful shrugs and really gorgeous jewelled belts which would be a great addition to your bridesmaids dresses or your own wedding dress. And Kim can make adorable flower girl dresses to match.

The whole atmosphere of the shop is one of calm and relaxation. Definitely none of this ‘cattle market’ like bridal shops where you feel like you are in a long queue of people they have to get through. The shop is open by appointment only so you can be assured you will have Kim’s undivided attention!

abidemaids 3 abidemaids bridesmaids dresses 1

I can also highly recommend Kim’s services as she is very kindly helping me when it comes to alterations on my own wedding dress. Oh and while you’re there you might like to check out her other range of clothing Abide – really beautifully cut pieces of everyday wear.

blush and gold foil luxe wedding invitations and stationery

Today I want to share with you the third of my new Luxe Collection ranges. This one is called Blush and Gold. Does exactly what it says on the tin really lol. I created the blush and gold range because I had become obsessed with wanting to use gold foiling on an invitation range! I had used it for a couple of bespoke clients in the past and absolutely loved the results. Coming up with the right range to use it on for one of my standard collections was proving difficult though. When I came up with the idea of producing a small capsule Luxe Collection I just knew one of the ranges had to include gold foil!

blush and gold luxe wedding invitations

I wanted the Blush and Gold range to have a really soft dreamy fine art feel, like the rest of the luxe collection. So I created a marbled blush print background and used a darker dusky pink for the text with accents of the couples names in gold foil. I love the script style, almost painterly, font I used for the header text. I also accented everything with a soft white belly band and envelopes which I think pulls the look together.

Blush Gold & Marble Luxe Wedding Invitation Suite Knots and Kisses-0032

As with all the luxe collection the blush and gold range is printed to beautiful 700gsm duplexed thick card with quality 135gsm envelopes. You can choose to add envelope liners in glittery gold and have the envelopes pre-addressed for you.

A full range of matching reception stationery is also available. With cute gold foil arrows on the placecards and beautiful blush and white table names. You can also purchase order of service, menus, table plans and lots more. All of the range is available to buy directly from the website



I hope you like the range as much as I do! I’ll be showcasing the whole of the Luxe Collection for the first time at Brides : The Wedding Show at Westpoint Arena, Exeter this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday so be sure to pop along and have a look if you are in the area. You can buy half price tickets still if you use special code KK44 when purchasing at .

Nikki x

simply elegant luxe wedding invitations

Today I’m showing you a bit more about the second of the new Luxe wedding collection which launched on the website this week. The Simply Elegant range.


The Simply Elegant range was what really started me off thinking about creating a luxe wedding collection. I had designed the simple black and white monochrome stationery for a photo shoot for Blue Fizz Events last year . The look for the shoot was more rustic and I’d pared the monochrome stationery with some brown kraft envelopes and card … but I loved the simplicity of the monochrome and the script style fonts. When I discovered the hand painted silk ribbons later in the year from Kate Cullen it all came together! I though the smoky grey ribbon would look gorgeous against the monochrome and started thinking about creating a really beautiful luxe wedding collection which would be printed to really thick 700gsm card and incorporate not only the hand painted ribbons but luxury elements such as gold foil as well.


I think the great thing with the simply elegant range is that its a fantastic neutral but modern range, especially for those of you that aren’t having a particular ‘theme’. It would be easy to see it fitting in with so many weddings and if there is a specific colour scheme you already have in mind then the hand painted ribbon colour is easily changed to something more bespoke to fit in with your scheme. With the monochrome background you could add virtually any colour of ribbon and it would work perfectly!


As with all the luxe wedding ranges the Simply Elegant range comes as Day Invitation packs, including a information card, rsvp card and envelope, and tied with the beautiful ribbon. You can also order just Day Invitation on their own with a classic white envelope. Add envelope liners and address labels for that finishing touch and there is a full range of matching reception stationery to go with it. All of these items are available to order directly from my website and you can also order a sample pack to check the quality before ordering.

simply elegant luxe wedding table names simply-elegant-monochrome-placecard-tags

I’ll be sharing details of the third of the luxe ranges – Blush & Gold – on Monday.

Nikki x

All photography by Clare Kinchin Photography

stormy skies wedding invitations

Over the next few days I’m going to be showcasing in more detail the new Luxe Collections which I launched on the website on Monday. Today it’s the Stormy Skies range.

Stormy Skies came about when I was asked on a wedding industry forum what I would design in an ideal world based on the trends and styles I would really love to see more of in the wedding world. My immediate thoughts were of something darker and moodier than the usual neutrals and pastels. I love dark colours in my own life,painting interior walls in navys and dark greys, and I wanted to create a collection which incorporated these dark colours but with a softness that was suitable for a wedding scheme. The term Stormy Skies came to me before the actual design and I wanted to create the feel of those amazing inky dark skies you get before a storm with beautiful soft greys and inky blues.

To do this I created a subtle textured effect background in a inky blue and layered this with soft grey hand painted ribbon from the wonderful Kate Cullen.

As with all of the new luxe ranges the Stormy Skies range is printed to really beautifully thick 700gsm duplexed card and comes with gorgeous matching grey envelopes with the option of monogrammed envelope liners.

A full range of matching reception stationery is also available, as with all of my ranges, and is now available to purchase via the website . You can also order a sample pack from the website so you can judge the quality for yourself before ordering and check out the gorgeous hand painted ribbons which Kate has produced for me to use on this range of stationery.

I’m really looking forward to creating some luxe Stormy Skies invitations for couple’s weddings very soon!

Nikki x

The Luxe Collection of wedding invitations from Knots & Kisses

Ok so its been a few weeks since I published a blog post … but I promise its been worth it! As today sees the launch of my new Luxe Collection of wedding invitations and stationery!

I’ve been so excited to share these for a long time now. It has taken most of this year to finalise the designs, source some beautiful materials and get the website ready but its finally done and I’m over the moon with the results. You can now purchase the Luxe Collection, along with all the standard ranges, on my website at 

I have started the Luxe Collection with 3 ranges … Blush & Gold, Stormy Skies and Simply Elegant … although I have already got lots of ideas of new ranges to add in the new year!



The idea behind the Luxe Collection was to create a capsule collection of designs which still encompassed my love of pattern and typography but gave couples the opportunity to really go that extra mile with their stationery and incorporate extra thick 700gsm beautiful cotton soft card and finishes such as gold foiling and handpainted silk ribbons. I had spoken to many couples over the last couple of years who loved the feel of stationery as much as I did and were all about those extra special finishes. Although I spent many weeks and months picking out what I considered a beautiful quality card for my existing ranges that would give clients a beautiful finish at a affordable price … designing the Luxe ranges has given me the opportunity to go that extra mile.


I have been wanting to use gold foil on a collection of stationery for some time now after loving using it on a few bespoke designs so this was the perfect opportunity. I’ve also been working with the amazing Kate Cullen who has hand painted some beautiful silk ribbons for me to use on the new collection. Currently a gorgeous smoky silvery grey – but I’m hoping to design new collections soon which incorporate more of her beautiful ribbons … and of course the beauty of hand painted ribbons is that each invitation is unique and its also easily possible to create a bespoke colour for clients as well.


I hope you love the collection as much as I do. I’ll be sharing more details of each individual range over the next few days.

All the photography for the collections was done by the wonderful Clare Kinchin

Nikki x


Geometric Patterns Wedding Styling and Inspiration

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about modern and geometric patterns for weddings. Mainly because I’ve been sourcing some wallpapers to create a backdrop for my stand at Brides The Show at Westpoint arena in Exeter next month. The paper I’ve ended up going for is a subtle geometric pattern which I think will be a suitable backdrop to the bright colours and florals of lots of my stationery ranges, but will also fit in with some of the more modern prints I have in my collections as well as work really well with my new Luxe Collection.

It got me thinking a lot about how modern weddings can look really clean and graphic without using traditional floral or lace patterns which, lets face it, are not for everybody!

So I’ve been scouring the internet for lots of inspiration to share with you all which will show you how to incorporate geometric patterns in to your own wedding.

Geometric wedding cakes are the obvious place to start as there are lots of wedding cake designers out there doing something more modern with the wedding cake …

geometric-patterns-wedding-cake cc7eae801a85df4e68d8d7d280af97eb

d60ed12941606ef3dcf8022e809057ca f3b6ffa2cf8f0651034b7fc1a284ae2d

credits :

Geometric backdrops are also a great way to incorporate this trend into your wedding … and relatively easy to do yourself if you have the time, or with the help of a wedding stylist if you are a little less crafty or time short …

geometric-patterns-wedding-backdrop 363e39819549a79307593b84b5d9042e


credits :

I also really love terraniums at the moment and hanging terraniums or geometric shapes above or on your tables can look amazing – especially when combined with metallics.

geometric patterns terrarium decoration

I hope that gives you lots of ideas if you are planning a wedding with a bit more of a modern feel. This look can look particularly amazing in modern warehouse spaces or really contemporary hotels … but I definitely wouldn’t rule out using it as a total contrast in a rustic barn or tipi! Just have fun and use plenty of colour!

Nikki x